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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kerja Kosong Bank Rakyat

Jawatan Kosong Bank Rakyat

A career with Bank Rakyat not only allows a candidate the opportunity to be exposed to the banking industry but also to work with an organisation that is totally committed in developing the country's Islamic Banking industry, as one of the most advanced Islamic Banking System in the world. As Bank Rakyat continues to grow at a rapid pace, we thrive to have a professional and talented team. When it comes to building your career, Bank Rakyat offers excellent career path and opportunities as well as attractive remuneration packages.

1. Eksekutif Sumber Manusia (Kuala Lumpur - Permanent)
2. Eksekutif Pembiayaan (Kuala Lumpur - Permanent)
3. Eksekutif Pengurusan Risiko (Kuala Lumpur - Permanent)
4. Eksekutif Audit ( Kuala Lumpur - Permanent)
5. Eksekutif Perancangan Korporat (Kuala Lumpur - Permanent)
6. Eks. Perkhid. Transaksi Dan Perbankan Koresponden (K.Lumpur - Permanent)
7. Eks. Jabatan Pemantauan Portfolio Pembiayaan (Kuala Lumpur - Permanent)
8. Eksekutif Jabatan Pertukaran Wang Asing (Kuala Lumpur - Permanent)
9. Eksekutif Jabatan Implementasi Produk (Kuala Lumpur - Permanent)
10. Kerani Tingkatan Biasa (Kontrak)

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Closing Date: 28 January 2011

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