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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eni Indonesia

Eni Indonesia-Eni is major integrated international oil and gas company based on Italy, with interest in 77 different countries, and employees approximately 79,000 people worldwide. Eni has exploration and production activities in Italy and other areas worldwide such as west and north Africa, US, South America, North Sea, Kazakhstan, and Asia. In Indonesia Eni participates in twelve PSCs, including nine in deep water areas, with an active exploration and development program.

Budget and Cost Control Engineer


1.University degree in engineering is a prerequisite, with at least 5 years in oil and gas industry experience and 3 years of cost control, cost risk analysis, forecast and budget preparation experience.
2.You must be a good communicator with highly effective multi disciplinary team working skills.
3.Good technical and analytical skill, strong influencing and presentation skills as well as effective communication and performance bias are plus.
4.Fluency in english.
5.The candidates must demonstrate relevant experience working in oil and gas projects, interfacing with engineering contractors.


Your role will involve providing project management with accurate and timely project cost reports, verifying cost performance against plan, and identifying areas af potential budget over run requiring corrective action. In addition, the job includes assuring cost estimating, project budgeting and cost control during the various project phases are properly in place, including verifications of contractor cost estimates and cost reports.

Applications may not be received after 31 January 2011.
Please apply for this advertisement to:

PO BOX 3260
Jakarta 10000

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