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Friday, December 24, 2010

Kerja Kosong SC

Jawatan Kosong Suruhanjaya Sekuriti Malaysia

The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) is a statutory body set up to regulate and develop the Malaysian capital market. Our vision is to develop a quality, vibrant capital market for both issuers and investors. We are focused on enhanced gate-keeping, supervision and enforcement within a strong regulatory framework for a more resilient and robust capital market. SC people are committed in what we do, so, if you are dynamic, determined and driven, then SC is the right choice for you. Because we believe that life is a learning process, we offer positions with genuine responsibility, exceptional exposure and wide opportunities for career growth. When you grow, we grow. Join our team if you are keen on the following areas :

1. Bond Market
2. Capital Market Statistics
3. Corporate & International Affairs
4. Enforcement
5. Human Resource
6. Information Technology
7. Knowledge Management
8. Legal and Regulatory Services
9. Market / Corporate Surveillance
10. Organisation Effectiveness
11. Property Valuation
12. Supervision

1. Senior Manager, Bond Market
2. Assistant Manager/Manager, Bond Market
3. Assistant Manager/Manager, Data Warehousing
4. Assistant Manager/Manager, Capital Market Statistics
5. Assistant Manager/Manager, Corporate Affairs
6. Senior Manager, International Affairs
7. Assistant General Manager, Prosecution & Civil Enforcement
8. Senior Manager, Human Resource
9. Assistant Manager/Manager, Human Resource
10. Assistant Manager, IT Architecture Development
11. Assistant Manager, Application Systems Development
12. Manager/Assistant Manager, Institution Supervision (Rules Review & Operational Policy)
13. Senior Manager, Institution Supervision (Rules Review & Operational Policy)
14. Senior Manager, Regulatory Services
15. Assistant General Manager, Financial & Corporate Surveillance
16. Assistant General Manager, Market Surveillance
17. Assistant Manager, Market Surveillance
18. Senior Manager, Organisational Effectiveness
19. Assistant Manager/Manager, Property Valuation
20. Senior Executive, Property Valuation
21. Assistant Manager/Manager, Investment Management Supervision
22. Assistant Manager, Institution Supervision (Supervision of Market Institutions)
23. Senior Manager, Institution Supervision (Supervision of Market Institutions)
24. Junior Executive
25. Pool Secretary
26. Administrative Assistant

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Closing Date : 11 January 2011

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