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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kerja Kosong UMS

Jawatan Kosong Universiti Malaysia Sabah

Universiti Malaysia Sabah invited from Malaysian citizens who have the qualifications, commitment and ambition to serve in an Innovative University is currently moving towards a world class university for the following positions:

Management and Professional Group
1. Medical officers UD43
2. Veterinary Officer G41
3. Agriculture officials G41
4. Librarians S41
5. Psychology Officer S41
6. Youth and Sports Officer S41
7. Financial Officer W41
8. Auditors W41
9. Administrative Officer N41
10. Engineers J41
11. Scientific Officer C41
12. Inspecting Officers of Patents

Support Group I
1. Dental Nurse U29
2. Medical Laboratory U29
3. Pharmacy Assistant U29
4. Medical Assistant U29
5. Technical Assistant J29
6. Culture Artists B27
7. Assistant Accountant W27
8. Youth and Sports Assistant S27
9. Islamic Affairs Assistant S27
10. Assistant Safety Officer KP27
11. Assistant Scientific Officer C27
12. Assistant Administrative Officer N27
13. Assistant Hostel Manager N27
14. Members Photography B21
15. Members Photography B17
16. Culture Artists B17
17. Technicians J17
18. Computer Technician, FT17
19. Assistant Accountant W17
20. Youth and Sports Assistant N17
21. Laboratory Assistant C17
22. Publishing Assistant N17
23. Library Assistant S17
24. Assistant Agricultural G17
25. Assistant Secretary N17
26. Administrative Assistant (Clerical / Operation) N17
27. Financial Administrative Assistant W17
28. Plan Publisher B17
29. Hostel Supervisor N17
30. Attack A17

Support Group II
1. Health Attendant U3
2. PAR N1

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Closing Date: 29 October 2010

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